About Us

Who We Are

CollabNxt was founded in 2020 when the global economy took a hard hit.  With the pandemic bringing fundamental changes to the world, businesses are looking to pivot and identify new opportunities.  As Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  We knew partnerships would be ever so important in helping organizations collaborate, propel their brands and improve business outcomes in every market and industry.  We are fluent in partnerships, integrated marketing, product marketing, relationship management, and project management.  With over a decade of experience in partnerships, we will help you reach your goals through effective partnerships and bring your organization to the next level.

Who We Help

We are here for you!  We facilitate partnerships based on shared ownership and trust which leads to long-term conversations with your audience.  We have built great working relationships with a variety of small and large-scale brands, which have created lasting partnerships, and we are ready to make connections on your behalf.  Our sweet spot has been media & entertainment, events, technology, and education; however, we work across all verticals

How We Work

We like to think of ourselves as your partnership gurus.  If you don’t have the time or resources to handle your partnership needs in-house, we are ready to take on the strategic thinking, research and time, to help increase your brands awareness and foster partnerships that create innovative opportunities.  We understand budgets and will leverage and optimize your marketing and brand assets to attract, build and manage new partnerships.

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